Hello friends..my name is Michelle Itken. This is my personal blog about my crazy, funny, all to real, true, ass backwards life. I’m a wife to Dan. Mother to Jonathan and Kate. We have four fur babies – our two rescue cats – Mikey six fingers – he literally has six fingers on his front claws and Sissy. We have two Morkies – Vader and Leia – because we are nerds and Star Wars fans. I am also a RN – I specialize in geriatrics – never in a million years did I think that is where I would specialize but I go with my gut and it has been one of the joys of my life. I also swear like a sailor – true story – drives my mother crazy.

I truly want this to be a place of honesty. I love to write but it has always been for my own benefit and sanity. I never had the guts to share that part of me with anyone because it was so personal to me. I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle someone responding negatively to it but as I have gotten older the less I really give a shit what anyone else thinks – so here I am.

I will also be writing about things that are very close to my heart – my children. Jonathan has special needs (Aspergers/ADHD) and Kate (Preemie) has had some delays. It has been a journey to say the least. If I can make one Mama feel less alone and not a failure then my job is done.

I am not selling ANYTHING in my blog/website or trying to push ANYTHING. I want to make that really clear. If I do talk about a product its because I have personally used it and really love it or really hate it. Either way I want to tell others so you can go run and get it or avoid it like the plague!

Here we go…